Strawberry & Flower Patches

Strawberry & Flower Patches

Get Back to the basics at the Countryside U-PICK Flower & Strawberry Patches!

Sunflowers, Marigolds, and wildflowers grow beautifully in rows upon rows at the farm. Pick your favorite flowers right from the patch.

Strawberry Patch season begins in the winter and Flower Patch season in the spring.

Our strawberries are the sweetest in the south. Grab your crew and get to pickin' or pick-up a bucket of our freshly picked strawberries from the Farm Store.

The U-Pickem' Strawberry Patch is closed until next year. Thank you for making it a successful season.

We have planted our sunflowers and are planning to open for picking in May.

Please call the Farm Store at 772-581-8217 or visit our social media channels for daily Patch openings and closings.

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