Valencia Oranges

Valencia Oranges

Valencia oranges are a sweet variety of orange with at least fifty known sub-varieties and hybrids. Valencia oranges feature a pebbled surface and a medium thickness peel. Valencia oranges were first discovered in Valencia, Spain. During the 19th Century the orange was naturalized in America. These popular naturally sweet oranges are available from February through October with their peak supplies during the summer months of May, June and July. The natural sweetness of the Valencia orange has made it a favorite in the production of orange juice. Valencia oranges are also an excellent source of Vitamin C, fiber and folate.

When Valencia oranges are fully ripened they feature a golden skin color which means that they are ready to be picked and enjoyed. Valencia oranges are also known for having somewhat of a greenish hue to them, but that doesn't necessarily mean they are not ripe. Valencia oranges often regreen during their growing process. When Valencia oranges are left on the tree too long during warmer weather they often develop this green color. Even when Valencia oranges have this greenish color to them, they retain the same sugar content and level of sweetness.

When selecting Valencia oranges at the market you should choose oranges that are firm and heavy for their size. The heaviness of the orange is an indication that the fruit is full of juice. You should also choose oranges that have the thinnest skin. Valencia oranges are also free of seeds which makes them easier to eat and enjoy. You should also stay away from Valencia oranges that have soft spots or appear to be faded in color, oranges with these characteristics tend to at the end of their flavorful life. If you're looking for a juicy flavor filled orange, remember to choose the heaviest out of the bunch.

If you happen to live in a tropical climate you may enjoy planting your own Valencia orange tree. They are easy to grow and are a favorite among amateur growers. Valencia oranges can also be successfully grown in colder climates, but they must be raised in a greenhouse. They will produce the same sweet fruit as those grown in a warmer climate. Valencia oranges are a favorite among farmers because they are able to produce two crops a year. This is what has helped make them a popular variety among growers and buyers.

When looking for a great treat for the family that can be eaten anywhere you should choose Valencia oranges. They offer great flavor, are sweet which makes them more appealing to children, and are relatively inexpensive. Valencia oranges are also a great variety to use if you enjoy making your own freshly squeezed orange juice. You can't go wrong when purchasing Valencia oranges.