Ruby Red Grapefruit Isn't Just For Breakfast

Ruby Red Grapefruit Isn't Just For Breakfast

The ruby red grapefruit is a little sweeter than the traditional grapefruit so it lends itself to different uses for a variety of great-tasting recipes. Adding the fresh squeezed juice or chunks of the fruit to various recipes can help add more vitamins and minerals then using a concentrated juice to the recipe because fresh juice packs more lycopene, Vitamin C and Vitamin A content than the watered-down concentrated version.

Lycopene has been linked the potentially help fight various cancers, Vitamin C is essential to helping the body tissues stay healthy and Vitamin A helps maintain good vision. The only drawback to fresh ruby red grapefruit is the fact that it has been known to interact oddly with various medications so it is advisable to consult a doctor if the person is on any sorts of prescribed medicine.

For people who don't like the overpowering taste of plain ruby red grapefruit juice a great way to cut the tartness is to mix it with some soda water. This helps cut the punch of the taste while adding a refreshing tingle in the drinker's mouth. Plain soda water is suggested, but the more daring people can add flavored seltzer to add some different tastes. This writer's personal fave is adding a little lime flavored seltzer to the juice making for a tasty citrus flavored treat.

Another great way to use ruby red grapefruit is to toss it into a light, refreshing salad. One of the best things is to grab a handful of mixed field greens, a few lightly toasted nuts (almonds, pecans or pistachios work great), some shredded carrots, a couple of sliced strawberries, some grilled chicken (or salmon), and chunks of ruby red grapefruit. Toss them all with a light, fruit-flavored vinaigrette dressing.

For the people who enjoy a little spirit in their juices why not switch out the fresh squeezed orange juice from the traditional mimosa with some fresh squeezed ruby red grapefruit juice. Splash in a little triple sec for a succulent libation.

At the end of the day these wonderfully delicious and healthy fruits can be used in many, many different ways. These are just a couple of options. People now use this fruit in relishes, salad dressings, meat marinades, and even as a compliment to grilled meats.