Florida Citrus

Florida Citrus

First up is the yummy Honeybell tangelo. These tasty citrus treats are instantly recognizable by their ever present "nipple" at the top of the fruit. The color is a deep orange hue covering an easy to peel rind making it a great snack to have on the go. And the taste is a mix of tart and sweet that is far healthier for a person than the candy version.

Next up we have is the Nova Tangelos which is a cross between a Clementine tangerine and an Orlando tangelo. These lovely fruits were introduced to the Florida citrus community by a Dr. Jack Bellows sometime around 1964 and they have been increasing in popularity ever sense. Just like the Honeybell, the Nova has an easy-to-peel skin with sweet and tart flesh.

Florida is also home to many growers who provide the world with a tempting variety of tangerines. One such treat is the Honey tangerine which is available longer than any other tangerine. Some people know this variety of Tangerine as a Murcott orange and they are only grown in the state of Florida.

Honey tangerines are a cross between a standard tangerine and a sweet orange. They were introduced to the Florida citrus repertoire by a man named Charles Murcott Smith (hence the moniker Murcott Orange) sometime in the 1920s.

The exterior color of this of the Honey tangerine depends on the time of year. During the hotter seasons the rind will be a dark orange color, but during the cooler times it will be a brighter, lighter orange. Unlike many of the other tangerines the rind is hard to peel making it a little less easy to eat on the go, but perfect for use at home.

Another tasty tangerine treat is the Sunburst tangerine. This variety is the one that most people recognize the most as it is the most readily available of all the Florida citrus tangerine varieties. The Sunburst has a flat top and a flat bottom with very pronounced round edges. The coloration is a deep orange tone. The taste is that of traditional tangerine with a little sweet and a little tart.

There is a ton more types amazing Florida citrus fruits grown by various growers, but the above are some of the most important to the Florida fruit growing community as they are the "bread and butter" that keeps the groves in business.