Accept no substitutes! These are the ones people ask for by name.

We envy anyone their first taste. There’s just no mistaking the rich honeyed sweetness and extraordinary flavor that set our Honeybells apart. They’re huge and distinctive, with a plump, bell-shaped body that’s hefty with juice.

We’re the source: When you order from Countryside, every piece of fruit comes straight from the banks of Florida’s Indian River, the most perfect place on Earth to grow Honeybells. Some fruit companies market a similar tangelo (also called a “Honeybell”) that’s been transplanted to Arizona or Texas, where the climate and growing conditions can’t duplicate our unique niche on Florida’s eastern seaboard. You can really taste the difference.

Here’s the catch: Our Indian River Honeybells are a fleeting pleasure – available only for a couple of weeks in January. When they’re gone, they’re gone! But if you order today we’ll reserve your Honeybells – right on the tree – then deliver them fresh and perfect in January, as soon as they’re ripe and ready to pick. Do we have a deal?

Hurry: We make it easy for you to surprise someone this year with the rarest, most distinctive gourmet citrus in the world today. They’ll be thrilled, we promise. 

So juicy, we tuck free bibs inside every box. Order any Honeybell gift for Christmas and we'll send a personalized card announcing that your gift will arrive in January.


This item is currently out of season.
It is available from Jan 2, 2021 until Jan 12, 2021.
Email me when it's available.
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