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Countryside Citrus

 Precious miniature dessert fruit makes the holidays a little sweeter! 

Indulge your family and friends with a rare eating experience that’s perfect for passing around at home or office. (Kids love ‘em too.) Exceptionally juicy and sweet, Sugar Bells are bursting with the same honeyed flavor that people rave about in our full-size Honeybells – PLUS the luscious, zipper-skin convenience of a classic Clementine.  They'll be ripe just in time for holiday giving- but hurry:  Supplies are limited and going fast!

Sugar Bells

IN SEASON Dec 1, 2018 until Dec 30, 2018
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2 Trays, Sugar Bells
$54.99 / $15.99
SKU 23300
1 Tray, Sugar Bells
$41.99 / $14.99
SKU 13300
Half Tray, Sugar Bells
$29.99 / $11.99
SKU 03300
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