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Countryside Citrus

Lucky you! They’ll be ripe and luscious during the holiday season.

Behold the Nova Tangelo: Its color defines orange. Its shape describes the universe.  Its example teaches that earthly perfection is, perhaps, within our grasp. The plump, velvety crescents inside divide neatly for simple snacking or tossing into a salad. And when a beautiful, glowing boxful of them arrives on their doorstep, they’ll know why this is the season of Thanksgiving. Don’t forget to order some for yourself!

Nova Tangelos

IN SEASON Nov 3, 2018 until Dec 10, 2018
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4 Trays Nova Tangelos
$76.99 / $19.99
SKU 43100
3 Trays Nova Tangelos
$64.99 / $16.99
SKU 33100
2 Trays Nova Tangelos
$51.99 / $15.99
SKU 23100
1 Tray Nova Tangelos
$39.99 / $13.99
SKU 13100
Half Tray Nova Tangelos
$27.99 / $11.99
SKU 03100
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