Florida Scarlet Red Navels

Florida Scarlet Red Navels

  • Super Grand Delight

    A gift guaranteed to impress
    Big beautiful baskets like this have become the gift of choice for all sorts of VIPs, business types, media people,...
  • Flame Grapefruit and Scarlet Red Navels

    Flame Grapefruit and Scarlet Red Navels
    Surprise your lucky friends with our crimson combo gift. Each piece is ripened in the sun, picked by hand and...
  • Mandarin-Navel Medley

    Three favorites in time for Christmas
    This is premium gift-quality fruit - the kind you just won't see in supermarkets or even gourmet gift shops. Our...
  • Pre-Order

    Honeybells and Scarlet Red Navels

    A popular January duo
    This popular combo of juice filled Honeybell Tangelos and stunning Scarlet Red Navels delivered days off the tree...
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