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White grapefruit is the connoisseur's delight. Seedless and mild, it epitomizes the fruit's uniquely subtle flavor.
White Grapefruit
This item is currently out of season. It is available from Nov 15, 2015 until Apr 5, 2016. You can Pre-Order this product below or we can Email you when it's available.

The delight of fine fruit connoisseurs, our White Grapefruits are mild, seedless and a joy to eat. Their clear, pure nectar epitomizes the fruit’s subtle, uniquely refreshing flavor.

There was a time when big, beautiful, great-tasting fruit like this was impossible for folks up north to imagine – let alone obtain for their families and friends.

Guess what: They’re still rare! Our unique brand of genuine, site-specific Indian River Grapefruit has largely been overshadowed by huge industrial farms and international agribusinesses that easily dwarf our original, family-run groves here at Vero Beach.

When you order Countryside Grapefruit, your fruit is still hanging on the tree, soaking up our bright Florida sunshine, growing sweeter and juicier with each passing breeze. Then, the moment it’s ready, we pick it by hand, rush it to our packinghouse, select the cream of the crop, and rush it to you the very next day. It’s a difference you’ll appreciate the moment your grapefruit arrives.


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