Classic Gift Basket, Small

Classic Gift Basket, Small

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Impress them with this Classic Gift Basket

A big beautiful basket like this has become the gift of choice for all sorts of VIPs, business types, media people, rock stars, movers and shakers of every stripe. Why? Because it's a pure expression of your best wishes - the very essence of your generosity. Oh, and it's filled with some mighty indulgent treats, too. We guarantee you'll hear nothing but raves.

This Original Classic Gift Basket features Indian River seedless Ruby Red Grapefruit, Navel Oranges and sweet Tangerines, Chocolate Dipped Coco-Bar, Orange Marmalade, Orange Blossom Honey Bear, Key Lime Cookies, Fruit Candies, Rio Coco Coffee and an Orange Blossom Mini Muffin Loaf. Approximately 9 lbs.

Also available as a larger 14 lb Classic Gift Basket.

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How many pieces of fruit per tray?

Depending on variety and size the average per 1 tray is as follows:

All Oranges: 12-15

All Grapefruit: 6-10

All Tangerines: 20-24

Mixed Oranges & Grapefruit: 4-10 Oranges & 3-5 Grapefruit

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