Taste better because we grow them in our own family groves – and nowhere else!

It might seem too obvious to point out, but we do grow ALL of our luscious Ruby Red Grapefruit and Navel Oranges here along the banks of Florida’s Indian River. The truth is, hardly any other fruit catalog these days can still make this simple claim. It’s a shame, really.

That’s because many of our friends and neighbors in the citrus business just want to get bigger and bigger, year after year. Nothing wrong with that. The problem is that when they run out of our local fruit, they’ll substitute with fruit from Texas or Arizona. Or (gasp!) even from California. Might as well get it from the supermarket!

If you appreciate REAL Florida citrus – the genuine article  – you already know that fruit grown in other parts of the country, in deserts or on hillsides, can’t hold a candle to the rich, balmy, luxurious taste of our prized, homegrown Countryside fruit. You’ll taste the difference. We promise.

Navels & Ruby Red Grapefruit

This item is currently out of season.
It is available from Nov 3, 2019 until Jan 19, 2020.
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