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An Old Florida classic: Grown down here “where the tropics begin.”  

These are the ones that tourists used to buy by the bagful at our roadside stand, and take back home to their friends up north. Today, we still treat them with all the care, respect and attention to quality you’d expect from traditional farmers like us. You’ll taste that special Indian River sunshine in every juicy bite, we promise.



Navel Oranges

This item is currently out of season.
It is available from Nov 3, 2017 until Jan 19, 2018.
Email me when it's available.
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4 Trays Navel Oranges
$72.99 / $19.99
SKU 41000
3 Trays Navel Oranges
$61.99 / $16.99
SKU 31000
2 Trays Navel Oranges
$48.99 / $13.99
SKU 21000
1 Tray Navel Oranges
$36.99 / $12.99
SKU 11000
Half Tray Navel Oranges
$25.99 / $10.99
SKU 01000
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