Hey, it’s the holidays, right?  Why not go all out and send a time-tested classic!

We don’t have fresh, northwoods fir boughs down on the Indian River. So here’s what we do instead: As soon as we receive your order, we go out to the packinghouse and select the day’s freshest, best-looking Navel Oranges, Nova Tangelos and Ruby Red Grapefruit. Then we arrange them in a box to look like a wreath. We decorate the whole shebang with premium in-shell Pecans, Fruit Candies and a big ribbon bow. Et voila! We’ll rush them bright and festive to any home or office … and your reputation as a gift-giver is secure!

This Original Countryside Wreath features 4 Oranges, 2 Tangelos, 2 Grapefruit, in-shell Pecans and Holiday Candies.

Looking for something bigger?  See the Large Wreath version of this popular gift.

Countryside Wreath

This item is currently out of season.
It is available from Nov 11, 2019 until Dec 31, 2019.
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