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Locals love ‘em.  You and your friends will too. Here’s why:

We treasure our precious Temple Oranges the way most folks treasure their homegrown tomatoes. They’re too delicate and thin-skinned to pack and ship commercially. And their bright, tangy juice is a pleasure you will never – ever – get from supermarket oranges. Rusty’ll keep a close eye on them. And when they hit their peak, we’ll pick some for you and your friends to enjoy. Order yours today!


Temple Oranges

This item is currently out of season.
It is available from Feb 1, 2019 until Feb 19, 2019.
Email me when it's available.
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4 Trays Temple Oranges
$76.99 / $19.99
SKU 41300
3 Trays Temple Oranges
$64.99 / $16.99
SKU 31300
2 Trays Temple Oranges
$51.99 / $15.99
SKU 21300
1 Tray Temple Oranges
$39.99 / $13.99
SKU 11300
1/2 Tray Temple Oranges
$27.99 / $11.99
SKU 01300
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