Indian River Citrus

The state of Florida has long been known as a state that produces large amounts of citrus that are great tasting. The growing season usually lasts from October through June. The Indian River Citrus area is located on the eastern coast of Florida and spans about 200 miles from Daytona Beach to West Palm Beach. Most of the oranges grown in this area are used in the production of orange juice because of their high quality and sweetness. 

During the 1920’s the Indian River name became so well known for its production of oranges that other growers in the state started to claim that their produce was actually grown in Indian River. This caused growers in the Indian River district to become concerned that their fruit would be confused with that of a lesser quality and led to several growers joining a conservative action in order to stop the use of their name in conjunction with other produce grown elsewhere.


The Federal Trade Commission issued a cease and desist order in 1930 which prohibited other growers from claiming that their fruit was grown in Indian River. In 1931 the Indian River Citrus League was formed to help protect the rights of growers doing business in Indian River. These acts have helped maintain the high quality and standards of growers located in Indian River.


Indian River citrus fruits have become one of the most famous and succulent varieties of citrus fruit available today. The fruits produced in this region have become favorites among many fruit lovers throughout the world. The fruits are flavorful, juicy and among some of the best tasting citrus fruits available. These qualities are what has helped these types of citrus fruits to become favorites among chefs, orange juice companies and consumers. Once you taste citrus fruits grown in this area you will never want another variety again. 


Indian River citrus fruits make a great addition to any fruit basket. The oranges and grapefruits that are grown in the area have become extremely popular with designers and sellers of fruit baskets. Many customers who have tasted them once will continue to order them time and time again. If you happen to live in an area where Indian River citrus fruit isn’t available there are plenty of online retailers that specialize in selling Indian River citrus. It can be purchased by the box or in a fruit basket. There are many options available to choose from. Many of these companies also allow you to place an order and have it sent to someone else. Imagine what a great treat it would be for someone who loves Indian River citrus to receive a box full of their favorite juicy fruit.