Honeybells are a sweet, juicy and seedless fruit. This fruit was known as Minneolas before it became known as the more popular name Honeybell. The growing season for Honeybells is relatively short lasting only six to eight weeks per year. This means that these succulent fruits are only available for a limited time every year and should be enjoyed while they can. Hoenybells feature a thin skin and typically have a slight bulge at the stem. There are many uses for Honeybells, they can added to salads or they can dipped in honey and served as a dessert. They are also delicious alone. They are also a great source for juice because of their unique and delicious flavor.

Honeybells are only grown in Florida and is a hybrid between a sweet orange and a tangerine. The color of the fruit tends to depend on the winter conditions in the year the fruit is grown. If the winter was cold the fruit tends to have a darker orange color as opposed to those that were grown during a warmer winter which feature a lighter, brighter yellow orange color. Honeybells tend to have a thicker skin than typical tangerines or oranges, but once you get past the peel you are rewarded with a sweet treat.


Honeybells got their name because of the sweet taste of the fruit; it is said that they are among the sweetest tangerines produced. The juice derived from the Honeybell is popular among bakers who use the juice for orange cakes. The juice can also be used in salad dressing and croutons to liven up a salad. In addition to being used in baking and as a salad dressing, the juice is also commonly added during the last minute of stir fry dishes to enhance them with a citrusy taste. 


When choosing Honeybells it is recommended that you choose fruits that tend to feel heavier than others and have a shiny and smooth skin. Honeybells that feel lighter tend to not be as juicy and flavorful. You should also stay away from any that have green spots or wrinkled skin. Honeybells have also been known to spoil quickly, so if you do purchase some it is best to eat them as soon as possible. It is suggested that you only purchase an amount you know you can eat relatively quickly to avoid spoiling. 


Honeybells are a great citrus fruit that offers the same vitamin benefits as an orange and tangerine. They are full of flavor and will likely become a favorite among members of your family. The Honeybell will make a great companion to many meals and can easily be eaten on the go. Honeybells are a great fruit that should be tried by everyone.